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Foot Surgery

When you have damage or issues with your forefoot - toes, metatarsals, ball of the foot - Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC of Catonsville can perform corrective surgery. She can also deal with some mid-foot cysts and soft tissue lesions up to the ankle.

Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC takes pride in her bedside manner.

  • Bunions

  • Bunionettes

  • Hammertoes

  • Neuroma

  • Arthritis issues

  • Bone spurs

Effective Foot Surgery Targets

If you are experiencing foot pain or have been diagnosed with an injury, call Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC at 410-869-4147. She will meet with you and lay out your treatment options. The doctor is affiliated with Northwest Hospital in Randallstown, MD.

Call the Doctor for Information

You may need forefoot surgery if you are experiencing significant foot pain, having difficulty walking, or exhibit other symptoms that do not respond to non-invasive treatments.

When Aggressive Foot Care is Needed

Experienced Forefoot Surgery