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Professional Care for Sports Injuries of the Foot

Foot care

Almost every athlete knows how much they depend on their feet, and they know how a sports injury can slow them down or even take them out of play. Keep yourself and your feet fit with proper care from Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC of Catonsville, MD.

Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC offers well-qualified foot care.

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Heal Your Foot Injury Right Away

Sports injuries to the foot can do more than slow you down. Left untreated, they can result in serious, long-term damage to your ligaments, tendons and bones.


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Treat Injuries Quickly

One of the most important investments an athlete can make is good shoes. Proper footwear is especially important in preventing heal pain. Ask the doctor for advice on your next visit.

Proper Footwear Protects Your Feet

  • Plantar fasciitis (jogger's heel pain)

  • Ankle sprains and twists

  • Fractures and breaks

  • Cuts and blisters