Dr-Richardson-Logo shadow Pediatric foot care
Pediatric foot care

Is your child complaining about sore feet? Has their gait changed or are they avoiding walking? Let Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC of Catonsville work with you to discover the problem and then come up with an effective pediatric foot care treatment plan.

Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, DPM, PC  has been caring for feet for 13 years.

Children don't always know what's wrong with their feet. Let the doctor find the problem.

Complete Child Foot Care

One of our jobs as a parent is to teach good habits. Make sure you include foot health! Teach children to examine their feet for problems, to wear good shoes, and to tell you when they feel like something is wrong. Knowledge and care can build a lifetime of healthy feet.

Teach Your Child About Feet

Participating in sports is often a huge part of a child's world, which means sports injuries will happen. Whether your child runs the field or dances ballet, keep a close eye on their foot health.

Protect and Care for Your Child Athlete

Gentle, Effective Foot Care for Your Child

  • Heel pain

  • Flat feet

  • Ingrown nails

  • Fungus in nails and skin